What is


When we can talk about things in a safe space, our feelings become less all-consuming, less upsetting, and less scary. There are no right or wrong things to talk about, and we can explore what ever will be helpful.
Counselling can be helpful if
  • you’re struggling with life
  • you have difficult relationships with family, friends, or others
  • you're in a difficult situation that you can't see how to change
  • you’re suffering from stress or anxiety
  • you’re struggling with feelings of anger or sadness
  • you feel a lack of control in your life or you're feeling trapped, and you're looking for ways to cope
  • you're coming to terms with a long-term health issue
Please note that counselling is not an immediate solution for severe distress. If you need urgent professional assistance, please contact your GP, NHS 111 or the emergency services.
The Samaritans are available 24 hours a day - call freephone 116 123.
Talking things through with supportive family or friends can be helpful when life feels like a struggle - but it can feel uncomfortable to explore difficult thoughts and feelings with people you know, or who might be involved. Counselling is an opportunity to explore your experiences with someone who is trained to listen carefully and without judgement. Talking can help you learn to deal with your feelings more easily, and to see things differently or think about things in a different way.
Counselling is not about giving advice. I won’t give you answers or tell you what to do, but I will help you to find the answers you seek, as we work together. Solutions won't always be practical, but gaining more understanding about your experiences can help to stop them being overwhelming.